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Conference Papers
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Value function for non-convex variational problems January 2012
Mwellposed ness and Bwellposed ness for vector quasi equilibriu m problems May 2015
Generalized efficient Solution for system of quasiequilibrium problems August 2016
Generaliz ed Levitin- Polyak wellposed ness of parametric quasiequilibriu m problems March 2016
Mwellposedn ess and Bwellposedn essfor vector quasi equilibrium problems May 2016
Generalized efficient Solution for vector parametric equilibrium problems July 2016
MWellposedn ess and Bwellposedn ess for vector quasiequilibrium problems March 2016
Wellposedn ess of parametric quasivariational and hemivariational inequalities February 2017
nonlinear integral equation August 2017
Henig efficient Solution for vector parametric equilibrium problems July 2017
Benson efficient solutions of vector parametric equilibrium problems August 2018
Solution of equilibrium problems for the sum ot two mappings June 2018
On vector parametric equilibrium problems with generalized approximat e convexity November 2018
The relation between wellposedn ess Tykhonov, Levitin- Polyak and Hadamard March 2019
Solution existence of equilibrium problems August 2019
Journal Papers
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Tykhonov wellposedness for quasiequilibrium problems January 2014
Levitin-Polyak wellposedness of strong parametric quasi equilibrium problems January 2016
M-wellposedness and Bwellposedness for vector quasi-equilibrium problems January 2016
Hadamard wellposedness for vector parametric equilibrium problems January 2017
Stampacchi a quasivariational inequality and Minty quasivariational inequality January 2017
Efficient solution and value function for nonconvex variational January 2019
Vector parametric quasiequilibrium problems for the sum of two set-valued mappings January 2021
Optimal solution for the system of differential inclusion in Hilbert space January 2022
Levitin-PolyakWell-posedness for equilibrium problems January 2022

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